• Tom Leiper

  • Yacht Broker

Tom Leiper has been an entrepreneur, inventor, and pioneering sales master with over forty years of experience primarily in the medical imaging and informatics industry. Even before driving age he apprenticed building and blueprinting high-performance race engines and drive trains, foundational knowledge and experience that served him well years later as a pilot and boat owner.

Awarded eight patents, including a patent for the Sherlock® Marine Surveyor Percussion Sounding Hammer, and having been involved in many interesting technical fields over the years there is little he does not understand about how things work.

More importantly, having closed over 200 deals in the past six years he knows what to do when things do not work, whether those be difficulties with a vessel, a deal, or those involved in the deal.

In short, Tom is a problem solver, and as one whose success has been marked by exquisitely satisfying the needs of his customers, Tom has brought his experience and innovative skill set to this avocation, helping boaters become better boaters with better boats, with the same dedication as he has with every other endeavor, the most common feedback among his many clients and associates being that he is “Unlike any other boat broker they have ever known.”