• Keith Maresca

  • Yacht Broker

As a retired lieutenant proudly serving 20 years in the NYPD, Keith holds a degree in business and owns a successful production company. Keith uses his business background and experience, along with his boating knowledge to ensure complete satisfaction for both buyer and seller alike. His commitment to his clients and his passion for boating drives him to ensure he is successful in each and every transaction he handles.

Keith recently relocated to Beaufort, South Carolina from Long Island, New York. He started off his boating lifestyle up and down his parents canal as a young teenager in a 13’ inflatable. He has owner numerous boats throughout his life. He’s taken several steps up from that first boat to the boat he currently captains, a 2005 Silverton 48C Convertible. He enjoys boating on the Great South Bay and surrounding waters with family and friends. He has enjoyed 30 plus years on the water and continues his passion for the boating lifestyle as a member of the Knot 10 family.

“I love the peace the sea gives me as if I am made from the salt itself.”