• Cubby Deas

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Introducing Captain Cubby Deas, a native of South Africa whose deep-rooted passion for the ocean was cultivated through a love for surfing. Embarking on a yachting and sailing journey 15 years ago, Captain Cubby now holds a 200-ton unlimited license, showcasing the depth of expertise acquired over the years.

His maritime odyssey began by sailing Leopard catamarans across the vast expanses of the Indian and Atlantic oceans. The spirit of adventure led him to join an expedition boat, contributing to a National Geographic documentary in the picturesque waters of Mozambique. It was in Mozambique that Captain Cubby fell in love with the exhilarating side of ocean life, subsequently becoming a fishing charter captain for a fulfilling two-year stint.

The journey continued to the Bahamas and South Florida, where Captain Cubby transitioned to the world of super yachting. Taking command of a 101ft busy charter yacht in the Exuma’s, he seamlessly blended the thrill of adventure with the sophistication of luxury yachting.

Throughout his career, Captain Cubby has amassed extensive knowledge across various facets of luxury yachts and sailing vessels, particularly emphasizing the intricacies of yacht engineering. His wealth of experience makes him a seasoned captain and a valuable asset for those navigating the intricate world of yacht charters and acquisitions.

In summary, Captain Cubby Deas brings a wealth of maritime experience, a love for adventure, and a deep understanding of luxury yachts to every nautical endeavor. Whether exploring uncharted waters or overseeing the intricacies of yacht engineering, Captain Cubby is your trusted guide in the world of yachting excellence.