• Captain Kris Ephraimson

  • Yacht Broker

Captain Kris, a seasoned and dedicated maritime professional, hails from the picturesque waters of Rhode Island. As a third-generation sailor, he has a rich heritage and a profound connection to the sea, having spent his formative years on the water. Kris has transformed this passion into a distinguished 20-year career in the yachting industry, serving as both an engineer and a captain.

Throughout his career, Captain Kris has played a pivotal role in helping yacht owners fully embrace and enjoy the unique experience of yacht ownership. His extensive knowledge and hands-on approach ensure that each voyage is safe, smooth, and memorable.

Captain Kris holds a prestigious 200-ton USCG Master’s License, underscoring his expertise and commitment to maritime safety and excellence. Currently based in the vibrant yachting hub of Fort Lauderdale, he continues to navigate the seas, providing unparalleled service and expertise to yacht owners and their guests.

Now, leveraging his extensive maritime background, Captain Kris has transitioned into the boat brokerage industry. His deep understanding of the yachting world equips him to offer invaluable advice to prospective yacht buyers. His recommendations are grounded in a wealth of practical experience, ensuring that clients receive informed and trustworthy guidance when making their yacht purchase decisions.