• Brett Berry

  • Yacht Broker

Brett understands that selling a boat is more than a just business transaction. It’s an emotional journey.  Your boat has a story to tell…

Brett Berry is one of our new brokers. He comes to us with over forty years of sales and marketing chops. He earned them from real-world, in-the-trenches experience. He held many high-ticket sales and management positions. He started, grew, and sold five businesses so he knows his way around the block.

He says “Boats are easy because they’re sexy”.  Everybody looking at a boat already wants one.  He uses a technique called “story selling”. This positions your boat to stand out. Makes you the obvious choice…and for a premium price!

Brett approaches every sale with contagious excitement!  He knows what you’re going through emotionally.  He has owned ten different vessels from center consoles to sportfishing boats. He understands the excitement of getting a new one and the sadness of moving one on.  Lots of fun memories make it hard to let go but the next one takes away the pain!

By choosing Brett Berry as your boat broker, you’re getting a whole lot of marketing firepower.  A fast turn and premium price are his mission for your boat.  He guarantees a smooth sail into the next chapter of your boating legacy.