Increased Stress For Boaters

Do you often find yourself saying “we are heading to the boat, time to relax?”
What exactly does boating mean to you? Boating can be about warm weather, flip-flops and wetting a line. It can be relaxing time spent reading a book in the sun or quality time spent fishing and playing cards with family. Others enjoy travelling by boat and exploring portside towns and restaurants. There’s the whole social aspect of marina life that involves potlucks and sitting out on the stern talking until the bugs start biting. This sure sounds like the life!


• Ring-ring,
• You have mail,
• The blazing speed sound from Bejeweled Blitz

So much for time away from the office! The stress from work has followed you. So, is it preferable to put the “work fire” out immediately or be confronted with it and likely other problems first thing Monday morning? It sure is convenient to have the phone to call ahead and make dinner reservations. Of course, we want to be able to be reached in the event of an emergency but not work.
E-mail falls under the same umbrella. Check it in the am to keep up- to-date if your family tends to sleep-in. However, don’t stay in the cabin Googling your life away. There are interesting dock mates to converse with and the sky is clear this evening with a gorgeous full moon to view.

Bejeweled Blitz represents all phone games, laptop games, instagramming, tweeting and limitless other electronic forms of recreation. The question would be: “Is this the time and place?” Are your kids or even your spouse interested in the slower pace of fishing or card playing? Mind you, this slower pace is what usually relaxes us and stimulates conversation. Yes, conversation with other human beings versus a row of Candy Crush. On the flipside, it sure is great to take a picture of your “catch of the day” and quickly post it online for friends to see. Then again, you no longer have the excuse of The One That Got Away… Kind of like the old way of boating…