Knot 10 Brokers Wanted

Are you experienced in sales and have the organizational skills and self-drive to be the best?  Then we want to hear from you.  If you think selling boats is easy or sounds like the fun way to pay your bar tab, then apply elsewhere. To be clear, we are only going to hire top talent for these opportunities.

At Knot 10 you will experience:

-Full office support staff –All of your photography, data entry & closings are completed for you by Knot 10’s professional support staff. All you do is focus on listing and selling!

-Branded National Advertising and Promotion To generate listings and leads we use a comprehensive, expensive approach that includes direct mail, boat shows, and both print & web advertising that create more opportunities.

-Unique Compensation plan that creates more income for top performers Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you make less because we charge less! Our minimum commission structure and the fact that we sell more of our boats in-house means our average sale earns you more than most 10% brokerages on each sale. The power of big inventory means you have 250-350 prime Knot 10 listings to work clients thru. This generates higher in house sales commissions versus having to go out and sell outside broker’s listings for less.

-Owner/Management That Does Not Compete Against You No cherry picking the best leads and opportunities from upper management.  You are fully supported and not competing against an owner looking to take the best & hottest leads for his/her own.

-The Power Of Brand & Difference Knot 10’s brand and our message has resonated with buyers and sellers from day one.  Having a difference allows you to promote and walk the docks with confidence that you are not just another broker but part of something unique.

Again, let’s be clear.  After eight years, of proven performance, we want true performers who strive to earn a long term, six-figure income. You will take ownership of your business, clients, and future with the power of our system and difference backing you up







The values of brokerage boats are seeing a slight stabilization as the U.S. pulls out of its most recent economic meltdown.  However, when looking at values, it is important to remember that these pleasurable toys are not appreciating assets.  In fact, they have a steeper depreciation in their first year than cars.

When buyers choose to shop the brokerage market versus the new boat market, it is most likely for economic reasons.  They logically say, “Why pay $400k for a new 35′ boat when I can buy an older one for 50% less.  I’ll go find a clean, well maintained, used boat and save some major $.”  In addition, brokerage boats have added value due to the increasing cost to build today’s new boats.  Their costs are accelerating due to technology, oil cost and supply and demand equations.  The ever increasing price differential between new vessels and your slightly loved boat is driving more and more buyers, who would have purchased new in the past, to steer in our direction.

DOES YOUR BOAT ATTRACT MICE is meant to grab your attention.  It refers to the listing price of your brokerage boat which is especially relevant when it comes to brokerage buyers who are shopping value.  An attractive price is equivalent to cheese in a mousetrap.  Customers or “mice” are drawn to the boats that are well priced.  In order for someone to buy your boat, they have to notice it.  When we list an incredibly clean boat, we know it’s going to sell if we can get an average of three buyers aboard.  If you price high, it’s like having a mousetrap without any cheese and customers will not notice it.  On the flipside, if a customer is drawn to a boat due to pricing (cheese) and they find it in good condition, they are in the trap.

Regarding condition, in today’s market a vessel that is just average or below average in condition equates to having cheese that a mouse might sniff at but won’t like enough to nibble on.  This is why paying attention to your broker’s suggestions is important and can save you money.  Making improvements to condition prior to coming on the market is far less costly than having your boat grow stagnant on the market.  Ultimately, you will drop your price tremendously because your boat’s condition does not compare to its competition.  No one wants to wait around incurring marina, insurance, and numerous upkeep fees longer than necessary and still have to reduce their price.

When the exposure and immense marketing package that we offer combine with your realistic listing price, the cheese attracts the most mice.  The more mice we’ve drawn to the trap, the greater your likelihood of success.

If you’ve been on the market for more than six months give us a call.  However, before doing so, take a look and see if your boat has the right cheese to attract that one mouse.

BUYERS YOU SHOULD ASK “Who’s listing is it anyway?”

You as a boat buyer should be aware of a growing practice known as PLS searching which is being used as a means of generating leads thru confusion in its best light but deception if the truth is to be told.  Boat brokerages put an easy search screen on site and are allowed to basically serve the consumer the entire market of boats outside of their own listings. This service requires the use of a small disclaimer at the very bottom of the page but allows them to cut off the contact information of the brokerage and agent who has the listing. For those who pay for this ability the goal is simple. Lets build a site for search that looks great and we can get people to call us thinking it’s our boat.

Knot 10 Yacht Sales offers every boat we list as available for co-brokerage. This means other brokerages can sell any of our boats and in almost every case are paid a 5% commission to do so. That’s an industry rate and we have co-brokered with the biggest and best agencies on the market. Every listing you see on our website is our central listing only, not a global search tool meant to generate leads.

The truth is real co-brokerage is when you desire a broker to represent your interest and guide you thru the process. That broker has access via the MLS system, which allows us all to search all boats available for co-brokerage at one time and contact the listing broker to narrow the path for the client. Brokers never use their own website to search the market, we use the broker only MLS system. That’s true co-brokerage in the spirit it was meant.

A small disclaimer that is only seen at the bottom if you scroll to it gives the legal cover but there is simply no debating the design is such that the PLS company can give the appearance it’s a listing of theirs so that an unsuspecting buyer contacts them. The result had lead to buyers being represented by those who have zero knowledge of that listing and in most cases never have seen it or ever will.

It happens all the time. Buyer from Virginia calls into a brokerage in Florida for a boat that’s in Boston. Then the broker in Boston gets a call from a broker in Florida who says “my client wants to see your boat can you show it for me I have a previous commitment”. Now the real listing broker drives all the way to Cape Cod on a Saturday and meets the client. In showing the boat the client says “I never met that guy but we called him since we saw the boat listed on their site and he said we could see it and called us back after setting it up”. It happens all the time every day.

PLS search has made the spirit of co-brokerage and the true representation of the client damaged as its usage has spread.

So the next time you are shopping for boats look for the listing brokers contact and ask yourself WHO’S LISTING IS IT ANYWAY?

Increased Stress For Boaters

Do you often find yourself saying “we are heading to the boat, time to relax?”
What exactly does boating mean to you? Boating can be about warm weather, flip-flops and wetting a line. It can be relaxing time spent reading a book in the sun or quality time spent fishing and playing cards with family. Others enjoy travelling by boat and exploring portside towns and restaurants. There’s the whole social aspect of marina life that involves potlucks and sitting out on the stern talking until the bugs start biting. This sure sounds like the life!


• Ring-ring,
• You have mail,
• The blazing speed sound from Bejeweled Blitz

So much for time away from the office! The stress from work has followed you. So, is it preferable to put the “work fire” out immediately or be confronted with it and likely other problems first thing Monday morning? It sure is convenient to have the phone to call ahead and make dinner reservations. Of course, we want to be able to be reached in the event of an emergency but not work.
E-mail falls under the same umbrella. Check it in the am to keep up- to-date if your family tends to sleep-in. However, don’t stay in the cabin Googling your life away. There are interesting dock mates to converse with and the sky is clear this evening with a gorgeous full moon to view.

Bejeweled Blitz represents all phone games, laptop games, instagramming, tweeting and limitless other electronic forms of recreation. The question would be: “Is this the time and place?” Are your kids or even your spouse interested in the slower pace of fishing or card playing? Mind you, this slower pace is what usually relaxes us and stimulates conversation. Yes, conversation with other human beings versus a row of Candy Crush. On the flipside, it sure is great to take a picture of your “catch of the day” and quickly post it online for friends to see. Then again, you no longer have the excuse of The One That Got Away… Kind of like the old way of boating…

Randy Walterhoefer

  • 3

    Randy Walterhoefer
    Managing Broker

    (917) 478-4944

    Randy comes to Knot 10 with years of experience in the yacht industry and a pedigree that will serve him well in his position as a managing broker. Randy has grown up in the industry from owning a yacht maintenance company , crewing on several large yachts and has been a broker for years. With an intense knowledge and desire to find out the ins and outs of buyers and sellers Randy offers an encyclopedic knowledge of the market that benefits any that have worked with him. Randy’s past brokerage experience on higher end product combined with Knot 10’s marketing and brand awareness will benefit those looking for service, integrity and experience. With residences in Florida and Maryland Randy can be found serving clients in those two important markets on a daily basis.



Bob Matchett


    Bob Matchett


    Bob Matchett
    Yacht Broker

    (954) 205-4013

    Bob is an industry veteran who combines his love of boating, experience doing so and business background into knowledge for the customer. Based in NJ Bob brings a wealth of connections and specialized in large motoryacht and sportfish vessels.

Robert (Robby) Sheffer

  • rob

    Robert Sheffler

    (772) 215-0018

    Anyone who meets Robby can sense he is a person who loves boating, the water and understands the mindset of boaters. Having grown up in Florida Robby established his entrepreneurial roots by founding and growing a successful marina fuel filtration business. This success has kept Robbie constantly in the presence of boat owners to understand the mindset and motivation that todays sellers have. Now as a broker the connections and presence Robby has established in the marine industry should benefit all he encounters. Robbie is based near Stuart Florida but happy to see the entire coast with a drive and passion that is infectious.


Art Goessel

  • art2

    Art Goessel

    (786) 877-5719

    Marrying a vast professional pedigree in the accounting field with his passion for boating Art has the knowledge and experience to handle buyer and seller side transactions with the upmost in professionalism. Based in Miami Art is ready to put his years of experience to use for you today.